Build your own home

If you have found the perfect plot of land, and want to build your very own dream house from scratch, ChangeHome can help you throughout the process – from idea to finished house.

No matter where your dream home is located, we build with respect for the local traditions of that area.

Our yearlong experience with Italian authorities and building codes can help ease the process, and ensure that all rules are complied with.

No two families have the same needs and desires when building a new house. Therefore, we put great effort into smoothly and competently managing the design phase with the architect and the land inspector, the construction process with artisans and contractors as well as the administration of authorities, utility services ecc..

Whether you already have the building plot or you are still on the search for the perfect place in a particular area, you are welcome to contact us – either by email or phone +39 0571 56253. You are also very welcome to come see us for a chat about your dreams and ideas, at our shop in Vinci.

Welcome to ChangeHome!

Happy customers

“It has been amazing to be part of the process of creating our own dream. Big thanks.” – Winnie and Claus, builders



Here you can see some of the houses we have made. Follow the construction process from start to finish.


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Stone walls, ceiling and beams, flooring, doors and windows, kitchens, bathrooms.