Management of house, garden and swimming pool

It can be hard to look after your property abroad, if you’re not staying there all year round. There can also be other reasons for why you might need someone to look after the house for you.

If you’re not staying at your property for longer periods of time, it makes good sense to have someone mow the lawn, prune trees and bushes, or clean the pool filter and make sure the pool gets a thorough cleaning once in a while. It is nice to return to a home, where the garden has been trimmed, the pool is clean and ready for you to dive into and the house itself is clean and inviting.

If you spend less time at the house during some seasons, it is nice to have someone check up on the place and maybe open the windows, empty the mailbox, make sure bills get paid and that letters from authorities and supply companies that require action, gets handled correctly and in time. When owning a house abroad, it is of great value to know that your house is looked after and that everything is taken care of.

At ChangeHome, we have years of experience managing houses and apartments and looking after gardens and swimming pools – for private owners as well as for condominiums and for properties owned by organisations that rent to employees ecc. We would be happy to take on the task of looking after what is precious for you, so you can look forward to coming back again and again.

We are only a phone call or an e-mail away… and if you would like to come meet us at our store in Vinci, to have an informal chat about how we can help you look after your property, you are more than welcome. We are looking forward to meeting you.