Sometimes climatic conditions and wear and tear takes its toll on a house, or the family decides that repairs need to be made – other times problems with installations or other building parts occur, requiring urgent action.

But how do you find the best craftsmen? Where do you get help if an urgent need arises? What will it cost? Who can you trust when you need to let craftsmen into your house? Who will take immediate action when you need it?

The answer, of course, is ChangeHome!

With ChangeHome you are sure only the most experienced and competent craftsmen are hired. Whether you need someone to do a paint job, electrical or plumbing tasks, setting up a wood stove, repairing walls, floors or roofs, technical assistance with the swimming pool or similar, we only work with the most skilled and reliable professionals in the industry in question.

We emphasize that the professionals are from the local area as far as possible.
This is an advantage, because they have a thorough knowledge of the local customs and regulations and know the local authorities.

Contact us for a chat about what you need – just tell us what we can help you with. Write us, call us or visit us at the shop in Vinci.