Gardens, terraces and lighting

It is important to us that arriving at your home is always a pleasant experience, and that you know and trust that the property always presents itself beautifully – not only indoors, but also outdoors – when you receive or house friends and family there.

When arriving at your property, the first thing you notice is the driveway, the garden and the surrounding land – a positive and welcoming experience if the property is well maintained – or the opposite, if it is not. These external conditions often reflect on peoples’ expectations of the house itself, when entering it.

Experiencing the butterflies flutter between the lavender bushes and the bees buzzing in the fruit trees, gives tremendous peace of mind. A garden should be a cozy place of relaxation, where one can allow the senses to smell, listen, see and feel the nature. Let ChangeHome help create or develop your Italian dream garden with terracotta pots, flowers, shrubs and trees, and – of course – herbs you can use in your daily cooking.

If you want to produce your own amazing olive oil, or perhaps grow local grapes and have your own wine production, there are plenty of areas in which it is possible to buy or establish a private olive grove or wine field.
In case a plantation does not yet exist, or may be need of a loving hand and some recovery, ChangeHome can help you with the establishment, and in the long run, our Management department is more than happy to make sure the soil and the crops are maintained and cared for.

ChangeHome can be with you through the whole process. We are ready when you are.

Gardens, terraces and lighting
Gates and driveways